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Get organized, get cooking! cookingAGENT

Clever pull-outs help you keep everything perfectly organized and ready to cook.

NOTE: The cookingAGENT can only be installed as an inside pull-out!
cookingAGENT is available for purchase in increments of 1
including 19% tax, plus shipping costs

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Introducing your cookingAGENT. The simplest ideas are often the best! Kesseböhmer’s cookingAGENT breaks with conventional concepts for kitchen organisation: plates with plates, cutlery with cutlery, honey and jam together. Stop and think for a moment how many cupboards you open to set the table for breakfast! Your cookingAGENT could put an end to that. You could store everything you need for the breakfast table in just one pull-out. Just one door to open!


Or you could fit out a cookingAGENT with tools, utensils and ingredients for cooking a meal: knives and chopping board, spatulas and tongs, oils and vinegars, spices and sauces – all the things you use regularly.

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